Arthur the Author Hello, I am Arthur - the Author.
Star Trek got me going in the Science Fiction area. Later in life learning and playing D&D aroused my Fantasy side. I have written several novels, one series Sci-Fi and the other Fantasy, plus I put together a book of short stories covering different genre. They are described below. Hopefully one of them will interest you.

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Follow what happens when Bert comes into possession of a Book of Magic. He and his gaming group learn the magic in the book and open a portal to a distant realm. Once there, they begin to collect powerful magic items to assist them in the war they will have to rid the land of two evil magic users. The big question is, will they find the items they need and learn to work as a group before some of them are killed?

The Book of Magic

Bert was lucky and impulsive. Being lucky the consequences of his acts usually fell on those around him. He finds a book of Magic and other items sent from a realm called Zenerath. Without really thinking it through, Bert agrees to learn the magic and create a portal to return to Zenerath to battle two evil Beings. The consequences of this act begin to fall on Bert and his close gaming friends. Come along and see just how much trouble Bert can get into as he and his friends learn Magic.


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The Land of Zenerath

Bert and his friends cross over and begin their quest to retrieve powerful magic weapons to be used in the battle to defeat the evil magic users that are currently barricaded in the north of the country. Part of the quest requires them to re-establish contact with the Elves and Dwarves. Join them as they attempt to locate the lost brothers.

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The Quest

Bert and his group, which now include Elves and Dwarves, meet with Katherine, Queen of Zenerath, to inform her of their Quest and to seek help in forming an army to invade the North. They continue to gather weapons and power, building for the battle that is ahead. Stay with them and find out the surprising end to:

Bert’s Misadventures

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The Seed of the Guardians is the story of a highly advanced race of beings from the inner arm of the galaxy that had developed a long life span and submitted to mental control to weed out their violent emotions. They were known as The Guardians. They become so passive that when they come in contact with a race of beings that they could not control, they were unable to defend themselves or the races they protected.
They came up with a plan.

Guardian The Seed of the Guardians

The story begins with the ancient monitors placed on earth looking for New Guardians. Few people had the complete seed the Guardians had planted. Those chosen learned the story of the Guardians and what they were trying to accompolich. They had to complete the plan put into motion many millennia before. As the plan unfolds they attract the attention of powerful crime syndicates, terrorist groups and major governments. Will they survive long enough to obtain the knowledge the Guardians left for them?

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New Guardians
The New Guardians

This is the continuing story from the Seed of the Guardians. With their existence now known around the world, the New Guardians must master the ancient knowledge lift behind by the Guardians to obtain control of all their technology. First they must achieve space flight so they can go to a Monitor in the asteroid belt and prove themselves worthy to receive this knowledge through a series of impossible tests and sacrifices.
This is their story.

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collection A Collection of Short Stories

This is a collection of short stories. They are different genre such as Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humor and Fiction. Hopefully they will entertain you and perhaps give you something to think about.

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